Based on decades-long family experience as a provider of leisure outdoor accommodation and a conversion in the creation and operation of an outdoor establishment in 2010,

From her many trips to North America upon which she discovered the concept of mobile leisure accommodation, existing there since the 1960s and the visit of industrial production units…

  • In view of the extraordinary revolution brought by the innovation of the 2 seconds pop-up tent and the absence of a twin product in the mobile accommodation segment.
  • Faced with the phenomenal craze for converted vans which are at the high-end of the market...

… Laura Ballario decided to develop a Tear Drop for the French and European market.

In collaboration with Designer Patrick Sarran, they created the MyDrop model under the brand Hundred Miles.


Functional, with its chic design, MyDrop is also a beautiful object of desire such as an old car.

It is ideal for an “Off road” stay at the edge of a forest, in the heart of nature or even for a family stay-over!

MyDrop est aussi la bienvenue sur les campings !!!